's "7 Best" Hair Growth Supplements On The Market

Humanity has always admired one particular part of the human body as the symbol of beauty for centuries; poets have written poems about it worldwide, and lovers claim to be hypnotized by it. Hair is simply one of the few features no one can deny its impact on an individual’s portrayal. Be it long, short, or even buzz cut, we all appreciate a set of healthy, thick hair without any bald patches all over the place. Based on how greatly hair affects even as little as how the shape of your face is exhibited to others, we must take good care of our precious treasure.

Like all good things, every one of us wants our hair to stay the same, young and healthy, but hair is no exception, and like all good things, we slowly lose our hair as the years go by. Although there are faster ways to get back all the hair you’ve lost, such as hair transplant surgery, these ways also come with massive side effects and harder aftercare. The good news is, we are not the only ones aware of this desire, and when there’s a need, there are more than a dozen manufacturers ready to serve you and make your next favorite product that would end your misery.

As mentioned before, there are a handful of brands and products out there available for you to give them a try, and of course, you don’t have all the time in the world to invest in all of these products, deciding whether or not they’re helpful. Hence, to help you sort through all the types of products available and figure out which would live up to your needs, we’ve prepared this list of the 7 best products with the miracle of hair regrowth with the help of some dedicated specialists and a couple of excited volunteers.

Overall Rating (4.9)

Starting strong, we have a well-known brand NourishVita Hair, Lash & Brow Growth Vitamins Supplement, as the first choice most favored by both our volunteers and specialists and their customers for both men and women. Coming in the form of a supplement rather than a serum or hair mousse was a bonus for this product as our volunteers believed consuming a capsule/pill was way easier. The next thing that made our testers pleasantly surprised was that these supplements also encouraged hair growth, resulting in a faster growth process after consuming it for about a month. Our testers also really appreciated that the supplements increased the growth speed of brows and lashes with targeted treatment and made them fuller and thicker alongside the hair without affecting the body hair.

These supplements also have exciting news in store for our specialists’ team. Looking through the formula of these supplements, we’ve noticed some of the most famous key ingredients for having a healthier set of hair, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and Biotin.

Talking about vitamin A, it has been proven to be the vitamin every cell needs in order to grow, including the fastest growing tissue of the body or, in other words, the hair. This amazing vitamin also increases the production of an oily substance produced by the hair glands called sebum. This oily substance is the most crucial thing for your hair’s health as it keeps your hair and scalp thoroughly moisturized.

Making it better, NourishVita also decided to include vitamin B12 and Biotin, two of the members of the B-vitamin family. First off, Biotin has been used as a hair loss treatment for some time now, and studies link deficiency in Biotin with hair loss in individuals. Other B vitamins, in this case, vitamin B12, are a big part of the process of making red blood cells which will, in the end, accelerate blood flow, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients carried to the scalp and hair follicles resulting in better hair growth.

NourishVita went through the thirty-day trial held by our volunteers successfully. The impacts noted by our team were increased hair growth speed, thicker and healthier hair, regrowth of lost hair, fulling the sparse areas found in brows, and thicker and fuller lashes. Our experts link most of the impacts to the vitamin A found in the formula.

In conclusion, NourishVita got first place in the list not only for the reasons above but also for the fact this product is vegan, cruelty-free, hormone-free, and paraben-free while offering free domestic shipping.



#2 Nutrafol

Nutrafol Hair Wellness from Within
Overall Rating (4.5)

For our second place, we’ll be specifically reviewing Nutrafol women’s hair wellness from within. Our testers really appreciated the capsule form of the product as it’s easier to take rather than tables, but the large size of the product made it quite difficult for having an easy swallow.

Aside from the common hair growth agents like vitamin A, vitamin C, Biotin, Zinc, these supplements have three active ingredients.

Collagen, a protein produced by your body, has been proven to be one of the most important substances for having a healthy set of hair. This protein can be used as a source for amino acids crucial for creating keratin, the protein base of the hair. It’s also a very powerful antioxidant that would protect your hair follicles against free radicals’ exposure. Collagen can also prevent hair loss caused by aging, which is a result of the weakened dermis. In addition to the previous advantages, the antioxidant feature of collagen can also slow down the graying of hair.

Both our experts and testers were really pleased with the overall product, and the testers were slightly disappointed with the high price of the product being $88 per bottle. Nevertheless, the product did great in the one-month trial, and the quality was satisfactory.



#3 Viviscal

Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements
Overall Rating (4.3)

Next on our list, we have one of the relatively known companies; Viviscal. This brand has been active in hair and hair care products for quite a long time. The first impression these supplements made among our testers was quite positive. They really enjoyed how the size of the tablets was suitable for an easy swallow, and the packaging was also practical and straightforward.

Our experts also ran a couple of experiments and reviewed the formula available on the company’s official website. The only ingredients mentioned are the exclusive marine complex AminoMar®, biotin, one of the ingredients also included in the other products’ formulas, zinc, vitamin C, Horsetail Extract, and iron. Even though the website offered some information on the key ingredients, our specialists were slightly disappointed to see there wasn’t a complete list of ingredients provided by the manufacturer.

What makes the Viviscal hair growth supplements special, you might ask, well to answer shortly, one of the key ingredients is exclusively used by Viviscal; the exclusive marine complex AminoMar ®. The origin of this marine goes back to the 1980s when a Scandinavian professor decided to isolate the key protein molecules of the fish and protein-rich diet of Inuits and ended up creating AminoMar. This special substance promotes the pre-existing hair while thickening it.

Our testers experienced a satisfactory change in the thickness of their hair and didn’t experience any kind of side effects, even though it might be problematic for people who are allergic to seafood. Overall, our team really enjoyed this product.



#4 SugarBearHair

SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins
Overall Rating (4.0)

Our fourth choice is quite different from most of the other products on this list as it comes in the form of gummies. The whole different shape of Sugarbear® hair vitamins excited our volunteer testers, and they really loved the sugary taste and how they were easy to consume. The beautifully bear-shaped gummies motivated our testers not to skip even one take of these gummies.

As much as these gummies pleased our testers, they also didn’t fail to catch our team of experts’ eyes. Although yet again, these gummies’ manufacturers hadn’t provided the full list of ingredients like the third choice on our list, the creative use of biotin, folic acid, and vitamin D, one of the ingredients our experts were dying to see, made up for the lack of a full ingredients list.

One of the active ingredients, folic acid, is one of the most interesting ingredients in the field of hair care. Like vitamin A, folic acid is also responsible for cell growth, mostly cells found in your skin tissues, nails, and hair. This member of the b vitamin family’s deficiency has been linked to premature graying. But be careful as the folate overdose can be quite dangerous, so don’t overdo it.

Knowing that this product is completely hormone-free eased our testers from the fear of additional facial and body hair. The price was also really fair and tempting.



#5 Vegamour

Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Gummies
Overall Rating (3.8)

For our next item on the list, Vegamour GRO+ advanced gummies, like the last item we went over, also comes in the form of gummies which our testers prefer much better than capsule and tablet forms. Our volunteers specifically mentioned the efficiency of the packaging and the right color choice for the bottle as it keeps sun rays away from the contents inside.

Even though the brand tried to be detailed about the ingredients inside of these gummies, the vagueness of the ingredients used in these gummies frustrated our experts. The only main ingredients mentioned by the company are tapioca syrup, cane sugar, distilled water, dextrose, citric acid, natural flavors and colors, and MCT oil. As you can see, there hasn’t been much information given about the flavors and colors used in this product as well as there is no common hair growth encouraging agents used in the formula.

Most of the ingredients used in this formula are either used to bind these gummies’ molecules together or to add flavor and color to the finished product. The only ingredient in these gummies that could be linked to hair care is MCT oil or, in other words, coconut oil. Coconut oil has been known for its great hair care impacts for some time now. Preventing protein loss, being antifungal, fighting off dandruff, and increasing hair growth speed are just a few of this great oil’s effects. Nonetheless, there hasn’t been much research backing up the fact that MCT oil would be effective on the hair if consumed through eating it.

Even though our team was quite confused questioning whether these gummies are helpful at all, they still were enjoyed by our testers, and the fact that this product is 100% made the overall product better.



#6 Moon Juice

Moon Juice SuperHair Hair Nutrition
Overall Rating (3.6)

Sixth in line we have, Moon Juice super hair dietary supplements coming right up. Although these supplements came in the shape of capsules, none of our testers experienced a hard time swallowing this product. They also really appreciated the simple design of the cap, which made daily use of the supplements without hardship.

Our experts were pleased with the fact that the company provided a complete list of ingredients of this product’s formula on their official website.

Out of all the key ingredients, the organic ashwagandha succeeded in surprising our experts the most. Indian ginseng, otherwise known as ashwagandha, has been known as a medicinal herb for over centuries. This herb, a natural adaptogenic, can be quite helpful in controlling hormonal imbalances and stress, which could lead to telogen effluvium or hair loss. It also protects your scalp and hair follicles against free radicals by promoting the production of DHEA, a natural hormone produced by your body as a strong antioxidant.

By the end of a one-month trial, our testers claimed to notice thickening of their hair as well as regrowth of their lost hair. Our experts were also pleased with the formula and the diversity in their choice of main ingredients.



#7 HAIRtamin

HAIRtamin Hair Vitamins
Overall Rating (3.5)

Last but not least, we have HAIRtamin as the last item on our list. This product also comes in capsules, although a little bigger in size, making it slightly hard to consume. The portion of the product was quite pleasing for our volunteers, and they didn’t experience any strong flavors.

Our experts weren’t very pleased with the fact that the manufacturers haven’t provided a complete list of ingredients alongside the key ingredients used in the product. Like most of our candidates, HAIRtamin formula contains some of the famous hair growth encouraging agents such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D3, biotin, thiamin, zinc, aloe vera, black pepper, Brahmi, cayenne, horsetail, rosemary, stinging nettle and turmeric.

Vitamin C, one of the most famous ingredients in the field of hair care, is a strong antioxidant that will protect your hair against oxidative stress caused by the sun’s free radicals that could damage and block growth resulting in your hair premature aging. Other than that, vitamin C is a crucial substance for your body in order to be able to create a protein called collagen that is an important part of your hair’s structure as well as keeping it shiny, moisturized, healthy, and flexible. In addition to that, vitamin C can be quite helpful when it comes down to your body absorbing iron which is a mineral necessary for healthy hair growth.

Our testers experienced a noticeable difference in the fullness and thickness of their hair as well as the overall improved state of their hair’s health. Being cruelty-free, vegan, and hormone-free won all of our team over.



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